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Operating in nine states and employing over 2,000 equipment operators, supervisors, administrators and managers, Rogers Group offers high-quality products and services at competitive prices. With a rich history in the construction aggregate and road building industries, safety, quality, customer service and community outreach are all vital elements of our company's culture.

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Commitment to the Environment

  • Protecting the environment around plant locations is integral to Rogers Group's business and the growth and development of the surrounding community. Industry standards serve as a baseline, not a benchmark.
  • Before establishing a new plant site (or expanding an existing site), Rogers Group management works with local planning boards and agencies to conduct thorough site evaluations and address environmental concerns. Research efforts can include archeological assessments, wetland studies, endangered species surveys and other specialty reports.
  •  While still on the drawing board, plant expansions and construction projects are designed to keep plant noise and dust at an absolute minimum.
  •  On a regular basis, water is sprayed around plant entrances and area haul roads to reduce dust from becoming airborne.
  • Plant managers work closely with trucking companies, encouraging (requiring, when possible) them to use tarps to cover their loads as they leave the plant sites.
  •  Any concerns voiced by the community are immediately communicated to area management and handled as swiftly as possible.
  • Should any potentially hazardous materials within plant operations require storage on site, methods prescribed by the manufacturer, the Mine Safety and Health Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency are followed along with any reporting required. Whenever possible, oils, filters and other products are recycled using contracted professional services.