Rockology 101

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Amazing Rock Candy


You will need:

2 cups Water
5 cups Sugar
Plastic Cup and Spoon
Plastic Paperclip
Food coloring/flavoring 

Please have an adult's supervision for this activity.
Rock Candy It can take a few days for the sugar crystals to harden into rock candy.

Make Supersaturated Sugar Solution by boiling 2 cups of water in a large stockpot. While stirring, slowly add sugar until no more sugar will dissolve (about 5 cups). You can make this an hour or two before you’d like to use it if you want.

Using a plastic cup and spoon, a piece of string, a straw and a plastic paper clip. Fill your cup ¾ full with the sugar solution. If you want add some flavoring – vanilla or almond extract and some food color to make your "rocks" pretty and taste good.

Tie your string to one end of the paper clip. Tie the string to the middle of the straw. Lay the straw over the cup so that the paper clip is suspended in the sugar solution but doesn’t touch the bottom of the cup. Keep checking the cup until the sugar crystals have hardened around the string. You will have made your own rock candy!