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Why Quarries Are Good Neighbors

It is estimated that between 70 and 85 percent of crushed stone is used in the construction of roads, buildings and communities.

Ideally, a quarry will be located close to where crushed stone will be used. The distance crushed stone must be transported plays a significant role in it's actual cost. Cost for crushed stone increases as distance to delivery increases.

So, you see, it makes economic sense to have a quarry near your community. As an example, when a community is funding a million dollar construction project, transportation costs will play a significant factor in what they actually pay for the crushed stone they will need. The further the quarry is from the building site, the higher the delivery cost will be.

Another important reason quarries should be near you is, crushed stone products are developed from natural resources. As communities grow and population increases, land becomes less available. A natural deposit of crushed stone is not always available where it is needed or located in a convenient place. Forward thinking communities have zoned special areas to protect and allow for the expansion and operation of crushed stone mining.

Having a quarry near your town adds jobs and tax dollars, and gives the local economy a boost. A close relationship between quarries and your community is essential.

Quarries can make good neighbors.

A Crushed Stone Quarry Should Be Near You